Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi - From Baltimore!

I got to Baltimore this afternoon to partake in the craziness of the week! The day was filled the little tedious tasks such as making tags for different merchandise for the shop, ordering of things we forgot to order, and then some...I uploaded the photos of the shop, ( you will see them at the bottom of the page). The walls have been painted and the shelves have come up! Its looking good! The jewelry cases have come in which is great, however, not the new merchandise....but it's ok...its only Monday...still a few days until we pop-up...

Wow, tomorrow is December 1 already...can you believe it! The holiday decorations are up all over the city and it really is feeling like Christmas! Which reminds me, I got to see the Christmas tree Gita made out of paint cans! Super really need to pop by our shop to not only check out the great men's and women's accessories, but also the most innovative Christmas decor I have ever seen!

Oof, my eye's are literally closing as I write this...must get rest for busy week ahead! Pop in tomorrow for some more fun!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time Flies!

Gosh...time flies! Tomorrow is the last day of November which means we are popping up in T - 4 days! Gosh...was it not just January? Anyway, the furniture is assembled and placed in the pop-up shop! WOOHOO! I will upload some photos tomorrow so you can check out the progress of the really looks great!!! Gita mentioned yesterday she was going to pick up some paint cans to make a christmas tree out of paint cans....sounds cool eh? I am loving the theme of the shop...really makes room for lots of creative freedom. I am actually going down to Baltimore tomorrow for the week to help with the madness down there! I really am looking forward to it! Must get back to packing now actually. Check in tomorrow to hear about the madness in Baltimore!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Thanksgiving is over! Black Friday is here again! The biggest shopping day of the year! The holiday season is upon us! It really is the most wonderful time of the year! If you can't tell, I am super excited! Especially for all the holiday parties! More importantly, I am especially excited for you, dear reader, because in a weeks time you will have one more shopping destination where you can go pick out the perfect gift or the perfect accessory to jazz up your outfit for all those holiday parties you will be attending!

AAhh, this time of year always puts me in such a wonderful mood! So guess what, I decided I am going to divulge one more secret... Along with the fabulous men's and women's accessories that you will be able to find at our pop up shop, you will also be able to purchase great works of art by Deepak Chowhury, Gita's husband. He recently retired after working in finance for 30 years, to pursue his personal interests, one of them being in the arts. In the meantime, [review his works on his website at and pop in next week to view his works in person! Wow...ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!

Hmm, maybe tomorrow, I will spill out some more info. You will just have to pop in to my blog and see for yourself!

Ribbons, pick up ribbons...If you see me this weekend, remind me to pick up the ribbons!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just About a Week to Go!!!!

Harbor East is a really hip area so Gita decided she wanted to keep the merchandise she was featuring in the store more fun and young. She has been working with designers to bring in some key items for the shop. Carolina Bucci charity bracelets are one of my favorite items you will see in the shop. It is the perfect bracelet that one can wear from day into night, and they are offered in a variety of beautiful colors. Some other merchandise we will be featuring includes….well, you didn’t think I was just about to divulge all the secrets, did you? You will just have to pop-in and see for yourself…

Along with the fun and excitement of opening a pop-up shop, such as picking out the merchandise and planning events, also comes the not so exciting things that we need to do! Once the theme for the shop was in place, we began to order all the necessary items including metal shelves, rolling tables, cases and velvet padding for the jewelry, jewelry tags, ribbons, mirrors, shall I go on…?

The last few days in Baltimore have been filled with technicalities such as transferring and counting inventory and making barcodes for the items! This task includes gathering all the items in the shop, looking for their packaging, packing them, transferring, making barcodes for each of the items….I am breaking into a sweat just thinking about this. Being in NY, I was able to skip out on that part. ;)

As it is Thanksgiving today, Tom the turkey is now calling my name! Turns out, my mother being the great woman that she is, ordered the turkey because she knew I would forget…Hmm what would make her think such a thing! Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at dresscodebygita! Pop into my blog tomorrow for some more exciting updates!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

T - 8 Days to Pop - Up!!

While dining and chatting with a friend this past summer in London about pop-up shops, Gita Chowdhury had decided she wanted to bring this idea to Baltimore….and why not?! It was the perfect opportunity for her to open her doors to a wider audience. The idea was brilliant! Naturally, she wanted to open in a completely different area than where dresscodebygita is currently located. Harbor East is a beautiful area located by the waterfront and one which has really evolved over the years. It has now become the hippest and most vibrant area of Baltimore, filled with great restaurants, shops and more! This would be the perfect location, Gita thought to herself.

Gita proposed the idea, accompanied with many articles about pop-up shops, to Michael Beatty, President of H & S Properties. He loved the idea of bringing pop-up shops to Harbor East…and the holidays were a perfect time to do so!

She was able to secure her space at 100 International Drive, and the next step was to think about the transformation! How exciting! Gita teamed up with Natalie Beatty to figure out how to turn this space into the perfect pop-up shop for dresscodebygita. They thought it was best to work with what they had as this is VERY temporary. As you can see in the photos, the space is really bare and still being constructed, so together, Gita and Natalie felt the idea of industrial and rugged was the way to go…think hemp, natural colors, metals, wood, corrugated cardboards…..Pop-up shops are super fun but it was time to get to work!!! The lists of lists have been piling on, and each day we think of more things that need to get done, but thanks to our great team we are making great progress....we think....we hope.... Which reminds me...time to get back to my list of to-dos....

Ordered bags...CHECK! Ordered jewelry tags...CHECK! Picked up furniture...CHECK! Furniture needs to be assembled?! ...

Ordered turkey?! .....uh oh.........

Check out our photos of our space and keep popping in for updates on our transformation!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pop-Ups to Hit Baltimore!!

After moving back to New York in January, I started to frequently hear about the latest restaurants, bars, and shops that were “popping up” in different areas across the city. To tell you the truth, after reading about these pop-ups, I did not really think about what the term meant. Then I began to notice that these restaurants, bars, and shops were in one location one week, and the next they had disappeared!!! Where did they disappear to so fast! I then realized that “pop-ups” were the latest trend and of course, the city of New York had caught on very rapidly! The great thing about pop-ups are that you can see what products are offered without even having to visit the actual location, which could be a journey to get to. I just love walking the city streets, especially this time of year, and not knowing what will pop up in front of me when I turn the corner!

Pop-ups have actually been around for a couple of years, but finally this fun trend is hitting the streets of Baltimore, for a VERY short period of time! Dresscodebygita is located at The Village of Cross Keys, but we are popping up in NINE days to 100 International Drive in Harbor East, and we are super excited! Gita Chowdhury, owner of dresscodebygita, has a brilliant eye for fashion and now you can see the eclectic mix of men’s’ and women’s’ accessories she offers without traveling to Cross Keys!

Keep popping into my blog to see all that comes with creating a pop-up shop…from the list of LISTS, which reminds me I can cross some things off my list of to dos, to the stress, but most importantly the FUN and EXCITEMENT. Pop into dresscodebygita’s pop-up shop from December 4, 2009 through December 24, 2009, and I am so sure you will find the PERFECT item for a loved one or for yourself. I know I have got my eye on a few pieces already….to give as gifts, of course. ;)