Monday, January 25, 2010

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miami was a BLAST!!!!! Everyone in Baltimore was calling me non-stop to ask me questions!!! I think they all were just jealous I was on the beach, and they were not! Well it's back to reality for me....what a terrible welcoming...we have got negative wind chills in New York! I hate how fast time flies! Even for the pop up shop! Time is running out...we are only open in Harbor East for just a few more days!

I spoke to Gita earlier today to catch up on all the action that I missed. We are now having a sale at the pop up shop. Pop in and find much merchandise at 50% off!!! How exciting is that! Merchandise has been running out the door, so if I were you, I would pop in before it is too late!

Check out our latest video about our sale!

Good news. The life of my life is still in Baltimore...waiting for me...I know it!! I can't wait to go visit it again...It's meant to be...I know it!..

Bienvenido a Miami

Well here I good ol' Miami. I have officially escaped...

The sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore are so soothing...all of that madness of last week seems like it is a distant dream...I am actually wondering what has been going on up north...I have really been enjoying being on vacation and hope the next few days go by very, very slowly..

I do love this place!!! Lots of sunshine, lots of happiness = lots of love = lots of shopping! Wow I am so logical...see what the sun does to me!! Maybe I can convince Gita to move back here and open her shop here and send me to Miami with it!!!!

Well, it's about that time...must nap now to prepare for a rocking Miami night..and of course, I will be equipped with my latest accessory from Dresscode..!

Great News!

GREAT NEWS!!!! We are not popping away as soon as you think! Dresscode by Gita will be keeping 100 International Drive company throughout the holiday season until December 31, 2009. Aren't you excited?! We are giving you time to pop in for gifts for those you may have forgotten!!! (Something which I must confess I do every year...)

I spoke to Frances today...she has been doing a great job holding down the fort at 100 International Drive. She even told me that she did not get frazzled today!!! That is a great sign...! Everything seems to be in order and our best friend, lightspeed, seems to be working just fine!!!! We are ending 2009 on a great note!

...goodbye snow, goodbye retail madness, goodbye negative degree windchills..Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for a very long time...I am off to the sun, to the beach, to MIAMI! Just gotta do some packing, shopping, i-pod syncing, the procrastinator in me will shine tonight! I better go! See you in MIAMI!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful, but Harbor East is so Delightful

Wow. What a storm we had on the East Coast. I was able to escape Baltimore before it got really bad...phew! Apparently, it was considered a blizzard!!! But that did not stop Frances!! She was determined to keep the shop open for Super Saturday and she did!! She stayed in the Hilton right by the shop so she could make it work and believe it or not, people weathered the storms and came in to shop! Everyone was delighted to see that we were open, because who doesn't want to shop when it's snowing outside! It didn't stop me either! As customers entered the shop, the storm would enter with them, as inches of snow would pile inside as the doors would open! But Frances managed to keep the shop open until 5, right before the weather got worse! Way to go Frances!

All shops were back open today and people were popping by. Can't believe Christmas is just 4 days away....You must pop in to check out our delightful shop before we pop away on Thursday!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dresscode by Gita Goes Virtual!!!!

I think Dresscode has found their lucky charm...and that is Gita's mother! The past few days, Gita's mom has had to hold down the fort at the Cross Keys shop, and every time she has been there on her own, many customers have come in and purchased items!!!! I don't think we are going to let her go! :)

As we have two stores currently in Baltimore, staffing has been limited, inventory has been split up between the two stores, and many phone calls have been placed daily between the stores...

Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2009!!!

We connected between the two stores via web cam! It was brilliant!! Talk about innovation! We had a customer in Cross Keys who was looking to buy an earring, however, one of the pair was nowhere to be found! To the web cam we go! Gita dialed in, we connected via the web, she showed Frances and I what she was searching for, and wallah, in a matter of seconds we found it! Gosh, this was so much easier than having to describe the earring on the phone and saved much more time!!

Perhaps you may see some virtual selling from us in the in the future..........

So this week has brought more foot traffic into the stores, which is great, mostly in the evening time. However, people that come in are randomly entering and wondering what is going on at 100 International Drive, Retail Suite 102! It seems that people still do not know that the pop up shops are here!!!! But nonetheless, loving the idea that shops pop up every now and then in different locations....

I am heading home tomorrow! I get to escape right before the Christmas madness AND big snowstorm !! Aaahh to think in a week from now I will be relaxing on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves crash onto the shore under the warm, Miami sun...

As for now, I am going to take advantage of being indoors and enjoy a nice glass of mulled wine...I am going to make Frances join me so she de - frazzles a bit.... ;)

So, if you are in the area this weekend and can weather the storm, pop in for a glass of delicious mulled and browse the great merchandise here at Dresscode....only 6 shopping days left!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 Days Until We Pop Away!

Wednesday Wednesday. The middle of the week...I cant believe its just about 9 days until we pop out of here! Today, it has been a little quiet, we have spent the day mostly organizing inventory, pricing more items, organizing the shop, and making sure everything is in place! Finally, after all these days, I think we are starting to feel a more settled in the shop! Pop up shops are not easy to create! There is so much work that goes into it, things I wouldn't even think of. I feel as though today we have had the most amount of down time in a while, so we had time to sort out little things we have been meaning to. Frances seems relieved! ;)

I was just googling pop up shops to see if my blog came up on the search, (which it did! )...and I found this!

It's a cute read about the pop up shops in Harbor East, including a slideshow on the bottom of great photos of all the shops here!

Today, I also had some time to visit a few of my favorite items in the shop, including...the love of my life...I just wanted to keep it some I dusted it a bit, we chatted a bit, it was good fun!

The day is just about to come to an end, so it's now time to hit the COLD COLD streets of Baltimore!!! Can the weather ever make up its mind!!!