Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 Days Until We Pop Away!

Wednesday Wednesday. The middle of the week...I cant believe its just about 9 days until we pop out of here! Today, it has been a little quiet, we have spent the day mostly organizing inventory, pricing more items, organizing the shop, and making sure everything is in place! Finally, after all these days, I think we are starting to feel a more settled in the shop! Pop up shops are not easy to create! There is so much work that goes into it, things I wouldn't even think of. I feel as though today we have had the most amount of down time in a while, so we had time to sort out little things we have been meaning to. Frances seems relieved! ;)

I was just googling pop up shops to see if my blog came up on the search, (which it did! )...and I found this!

It's a cute read about the pop up shops in Harbor East, including a slideshow on the bottom of great photos of all the shops here!

Today, I also had some time to visit a few of my favorite items in the shop, including...the love of my life...I just wanted to keep it some I dusted it a bit, we chatted a bit, it was good fun!

The day is just about to come to an end, so it's now time to hit the COLD COLD streets of Baltimore!!! Can the weather ever make up its mind!!!

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