Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miami was a BLAST!!!!! Everyone in Baltimore was calling me non-stop to ask me questions!!! I think they all were just jealous I was on the beach, and they were not! Well it's back to reality for me....what a terrible welcoming...we have got negative wind chills in New York! I hate how fast time flies! Even for the pop up shop! Time is running out...we are only open in Harbor East for just a few more days!

I spoke to Gita earlier today to catch up on all the action that I missed. We are now having a sale at the pop up shop. Pop in and find much merchandise at 50% off!!! How exciting is that! Merchandise has been running out the door, so if I were you, I would pop in before it is too late!

Check out our latest video about our sale!


Good news. The life of my life is still in Baltimore...waiting for me...I know it!! I can't wait to go visit it again...It's meant to be...I know it!..

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