Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami

Well here I am...in good ol' Miami. I have officially escaped...

The sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore are so soothing...all of that madness of last week seems like it is a distant dream...I am actually wondering what has been going on up north...I have really been enjoying being on vacation and hope the next few days go by very, very slowly..

I do love this place!!! Lots of sunshine, lots of happiness = lots of love = lots of shopping! Wow I am so logical...see what the sun does to me!! Maybe I can convince Gita to move back here and open her shop here and send me to Miami with it!!!!

Well, it's about that time...must nap now to prepare for a rocking Miami night..and of course, I will be equipped with my latest accessory from Dresscode..!

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